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Tree Removal
Tree Doctors purpose is to preserve the natural beauty of your neighborhood. However, with safety in mind, it is sometimes necessary to remove a tree. Tree Doctors will carefully analyze your trees' species, age, lifespan, location and condition to determine if your tree needs to be removed.
Tree Doctors employees are trained to leave no damage to your property and have minimal impact on your landscape and lawn. Tree removal is a dangerous job, and should only be performed by trained, insured professionals.
After your tree is gone, if you want your stump removed, Tree Doctors can efficiently and neatly remove your stump for a clean finished look.
Does your tree need to be removed?
Does your tree appear dead?
Is your tree leaning?
Do you have holes or cracks in your tree?
Do you have strange growths at the base of your tree?
Are the ends of your branches losing leaves?
Are you planning a construction project near the tree?
Are you trees crowded?
Is your tree interfering with your neighbor's property?
If you answered yes to any of the questions, let a Tree Doctors knowledgeable arborist evaluate your specific tree and its surroundings to determine if your tree needs to be removed. Hopefully Tree Doctors can remedy the problem and save your tree. However, if there is no alternative, tree Doctors can safely and effectively remove it from your property. Call or email us for a free estimate.
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